Two Day Skills Clinic

2 Day Skills Clinic – for children turning 7 – 12 years of age in the current calendar year.

Our fun and creative 2 day Skills Clinic is our signature clinic and designed for children turning 7 – 12 years of age in the current year. The 2 day Clinic promotes individual ball handling techniques for the development of stronger ball control. The program focuses on making technical correction to passing and catching skills by using simple key words for players to adjust and strengthen their skillset in this key area of the sport. The program progresses to passing with movement and makes the introduction to footwork, as in learning to change direction without carrying opposition. Over the 2 days, players will build an understanding of spacial awareness and positional play, whilst ensuring that players remain engaged through a range of fun netball related activities.

Pivot Netball Academy is for players of all levels and ability whilst making sure that everyone develops and strengthens their netball skills at their own pace. Many participants attend the Pivot Netball Programs without knowing anyone. One of our coaching philosophy’s is to ensure that every child leaves feeling included and having made a new group of friends.

Our 2 day Skills Clinic also includes education in personal health, diet, fitness and hydration. Each day of the 2 day Skills clinic includes participating in a fun activity such as, a Kids Zumba class or a Kids Yoga class. Some venues have capacity to provide a Kids Water based activity however this is not available at all venues.
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