About Pivot

julaPivot Netball Academy provide quality netball coaching for Junior and Intermediate players and began in 2012. It was founded by myself, Jula Zilic.

I played netball as a Junior/Teenager and coached several Junior teams during this time. After spending 10 years in Europe, I returned and turned my love of netball into a passion for coaching. This involved pulling the game apart and looking at ways to develop and improve players proficiently, whilst building confidence, assurance and skill.

My philosophy is to develop, focus and pay attention to foundational netball related techniques and skills in players from a young age. Rather than going through the motions of a drill without identifying areas in need of development, Pivot make corrections. This builds a solid platform for Junior and Intermediate players to grow from. When players develop poor technique it becomes habitual, hindering further development in their chosen sport. Its like a ballerina who never learnt to point correctly! The younger, corrections are made in a child, the easier it is to address and correct.

I’ve written the Pivot Netball Academy Training Programs in a way, that we start technically correcting from the simple fundamentals, to executing specific skill related drills that incorporate footwork, spacial awareness, timing, full court defence, agility and landing techniques. The program is exciting, very unique and most importantly, lots of fun.

I’m exceptionally proud of the Pivot Coaching team who are all involved in netball and great role models to our younger players. Majority of the coaches are still playing and coaching at a very high representative level in the sport and love the Pivot Coaching and training ideas. We have a ratio of 10 children per qualified coach, with Junior Assistants also making themselves available to assist players and coaches.

Pivot provides a fun educational environment and is for players of all levels and ability. Many participants attend the Pivot Netball Programs without knowing anyone. One of our coaching philosophy’s is to ensure that every child leaves feeling valued, included and having made a new group of friends.

Meet 2 of Our Coaches


I am Veronica Smith, 20 years old and studying to be a PE teacher at the University of Newcastle. I have had many years of involvement with netball, inclusive of both playing and coaching roles. In recent years I have enjoyed being a member of Newcastle representative teams, the Hunter United Metro league team and the INNSW under 21’s. Being a coach at Pivot netball, I see young girls come through with so much potential and with each skill we teach them, that potential is developed and nurtured even further.


kim-pivotMy name is Kim and 2017 will be my 4th year of coaching with Pivot netball academy. I have also coached with Newcastle Grammar for 2 years and have previously coached a number of school and club teams.
I find coaching to be really rewarding as you can be a really positive impact on a child’s life and it is a great way to give back to a sport that has given me so much. I have just finished my 2nd year of a Physiotherapy degree and also work at The Athletes foot and as a soccer coach for pre-school aged children.

Representative teams I have played for include:
Newcastle Netball Representative since under 11’s (2007)
Hunter School Sports Association Open’s Team (2012-2014)
Hunter Academy of Sport (2011-2014)
NSW Combined High Schools – Under 15’s (2011) and Opens (2014)
NSW Indoor Netball – Under 21’s (2015) and Opens (2016)
Hunter United who won Metro League Division 2 (2016)
I also played in Singapore twice for the International Youth Sports Challenge and also travelled with a school based team to play netball and hockey in Scotland and England.