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I just wanted to say thanks again for the Pivot clinic last Thursday and Friday!

Ava absolutely loved it. She didn’t stop talking about it all weekend and she can’t wait to show her coach all the things she learnt.

We look forward to the September clinic too ? If anyone pulls out of this week’s clinic at Cooks Hill, Ava would be very happy to take their place ?

Thanks again for having Ava last week and making her holidays fun?

Kind Regards


After spending 2 days at Pivot last week, my daughter played out of her skin on Saturday! Her coach kept saying how well she was playing & couldn’t really believe it! So thank you!!



I wanted to write and tell you how amazing this program has been for Eliza and Zahli. The improvement just from the holiday program is amazing. From being an absolute beginner in her first season, to improving 300%, (no exaggeration), in every aspect of her game has been wonderful. You can absolutely tell the difference between the kids that have done the program and those that haven’t. Last year the team didn’t win one game and probably only got 4 goals all year. This year they beat the opposition 4-1 in their first game and played the best netball ever. There are a number of girls in the team that do Pivot and you can definitely tell the difference.

I cannot thank you and your team for all the work and effort you put into running these programs for the girls.


Pivot clinics are always an enjoyable and worthwhile netball coaching experience, one that Elise always looks forward to. It’s a great opportunity to meet new coaches, make new friends in a friendly and fun environment and a wonderful way to further develop great skills for netball. Thank you Jula, Pivot is fantastic!


Being a mother of a 2 determined young netball players (12 & 8) Pivot stands out to me as the most rewarding and beneficial Netball clinic out there.

I found that after my youngest daughter completed the clinic it gave her greater knowledge of the game, ball skills and above all confidence to put everything she learned into practice on the court for game day.

Personally for me what I love about Pivot over others is the honesty in their program. The coaches gave us REAL feedback on what skills the girls should work on & what position they thought would make the girls shine.

All the coaching team have a love of Netball which is contagious, I found this quality in the coaches truly rubbed off on my girls with the eldest making it into the Charlestown Representative team this year because when you love what you are doing, hard work isn't hard.

The personal support & encouragement the girls always receive is what keeps them coming back.